Friday, November 13, 2009

Horrid Photos of Fun Projects

I tried to capture some quick photos to share with you of four double page layouts I made last weekend.  My camera battery was flashing a low power alert and apparently it decided it should therefore exhibit low quality output.  Grrrr. The layout above is of my hubby using his first Football Fire Starter... LOL..... OHHH and about this battery thing.... Know that the layouts look far better than these photos and know that I WILL change the battery in my camera before we head to the coast tomorrow to celebrate (a week late) my older son's b-day!!!

And speaking of Mr. Birthday-Man, there he is shaving his full beard so that he could transform into Harvey Dent from Batman... Better known as Two Face.  The Two Face thing was icky, but the shaving photos were a hoot!

And there is Two Face and his lovely girl friend, Crissie.... Errrr, I mean Poison Ivy... Yes that would be another Batman villian.  They were pretty cute from the photos I saw... Well, cute aside from that icky Two Face thing....

And speaking of Halloween costumes, here is Bethany and two friends in Charleston, SC, doing the Charleston, as 1920's flappers.  They were adorable.

I will have lots of projects to share next week as Jeannie Phillips and I will be sharing the Guest Designer spots on Christmas With the Cricut.  We are both excited!!!


  1. Susan I think your layouts turned out just fine. great job with the makeover to two face.

  2. OMG! I think the pix are great! (Of course the layouts are too!)
    The shaving takes me back. The ONLY time I've ever seen DH without a beard was when he shaved it to be Tina Turner for Halloween. YIKES! That 2 face was really scary! How fun! Aren't you GLAD the BOX project is behind us! My room looks like a bomb went off and I think I'm opting out of BBTB this week. I'm WORN OUT and drained of ideas. Ya think we get to see 'em Monday? xxD