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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by Susan Edwards

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by Susan Edwards

Above is the link to my entry to the Gypsy 24-hour challenge.  There are four catagories in the contest, I chose the family catagory.  If you wouldn't mind, please go and vote BEFORE OCT 29.  This is from Provo Craft:   "Encourage your friends and family (And BLOG READERS) to join in the fun and vote for your project between October 26 and October 29. The project with the most votes wins a great trip to New York City, a $2,000 shopping spree at the new Michaels store in downtown Manhattan, and tickets to a Broadway show. Winners will be announced October 30."

So yes, I want to go to NYC!!  Please go vote for me!!!!

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  1. Susan this is adorable!!! I love it! I would love to use the HK cheerleaders to do some layouts for our tailgating photos for college football. We are HUGE Auburn fans.

    P.S. I already voted!!!! Hope you win!!!

  2. I created an event on facebook and sent it to all of my friends. The event is open, so guests can invite friends. I suggest you ask your friend to invite their friends!

    You're welcome.

  3. PS - Allison voted from two computers.