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Monday, July 13, 2009

Where is my BBTB project????

I apologize for not having a Bitten by the Bug project this week. In my defense I had a busy week.

Thursday marked the end of another era at our house: we moved my youngest son to Atlanta, Ga to college. He is attending a school that is on a quarter system and he decided to start now instead of waiting for fall. My husband, Ian, and I left bright and early Thursday morning. After the three hour drive, we went to the school and completed a number of tasks (had his student ID made, picked up $1700 in audio equipment, etc.). Then we were off to the housing off where there was another 45 minutes in paper work. Finally we moved Ian in... late afternoon. Then we were off to Walmart to grocery shop and pick up the forgotten things.... Then out to dinner... And finally we left for home at 9:00 pm.

I will confess to crying the first hour of the drive home. The tears were more about the lack of children at home and the ending of the "mom" years more than anything else.

Saturday I had stamp club... We made the cutest projects!!! Thanks to Beth for hostessing, and thanks to Steph for putting up with our gabby group!! :-)

And finally, it was my husband's mother's family reunion, near Asheville, NC.

So .... There was NO TIME to complete the BBTB project this week!!! But do go by and check out the fabulous RING projects!!!

Photo is the card I made for stamp club to share.... It is only a peek preview because of Custom Crops.


  1. WooHoo, busy week lady! I missed you at BBTB. I'm sorry you're feeling the effects of the empty nest syndrome. Cheer up! More time to craft. LOL

  2. wow what a busy week you had girl.....i am sure your son will make you proud...congrats on raising a wonderful person...hugs