Friday, April 17, 2009

Traveling Time for Kitty!

Her bag is packed and Hello Kitty is ready to roll! I used the Hello Kitty cartridge to make this cute, cute card. The card base was cut from Kitty's overnight bag in a solid medium blue. The layered pieces of the bag were cut in a cute plaid of red, white, and blues, and additional solid coordinating pieces.

Kitty is framed in navy blue, wearing her red dress and traveling hat (she looks so French here). She is so excited to roll she has even given her hat a toss!! Oh you go Kitty!!


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  2. oh my word, this is adorable and i love your new blog look...

  3. This must be one of your best pieces yet... it is ACE!!!! Must look at the Kitty cart when I visit Michaels in Florida next week.....
    Angela. xxxx

  4. Too sweet! I love the red white and blue (on the previous card as well!) and HK is adorable1 xxD