Happy New Year.... Relax and Play

Happy New Year!!!!

Dh and I bid 2008 adieu in the company of our friends Bill & Ruth. The four of us dined at Casa Bella last night (I had the lobster) while we amused B & R with stories of our children's fascination with the country store near my mom's house. The restaurant was decorated with streamers and confetti, and was quite adorable. The women were provided with New Year's hats and there were horns on the table. As we left Ruth (a non scrapper) gave me her hat and Casa Bella's business card to use as memorabilia. Ruth has the making of a good future scrapper!!!!

I hope your day was as pleasant and relaxing as mine. First, I must share. My friend and neighbor, Andrea, called to say that she received a late Christmas present yesterday from her dh. Can you guess? She got a Cricut Expression!!! She was playing and cutting and called to ask me questions. I must admit I was not a lot of help. Most of my answers consisted of, "oh yeah. I do that with design studio." I realized that I would have to learn to use my expression again if my laptop should crash (nice laptop, good laptop.... insert petting of the machine).

This afternoon and evening I spent working on my weekly challenge for BBTB. I missed the last two (!!! HORRORS!!!) due to life, lack of cartridge, illness, and travel. I did not want to miss again. And this evening I played with a SU stamp set I purchased last November, and had yet to test drive. I made a couple of birthday cards.

I did decide that I need some better markers. I use colored pencil a lot, because my markers are horrid. My sister-in-law gave us a gift card from Hobby Lobby for Christmas (yes, I assumed it was really for ME!!), so I think I will apply it to a set of Copic markers.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be busy. Dd is still home from college and dh thinks we should take her to Columbia shopping for clothes. Does this sound fun? Ummmm..... Can I plead the fifth??? There WILL be Michael's and A.C. Moore!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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