Cricut Maker Machine

Saturday, November 8, 2008

PDDU Character Swap - Barack & Michelle

Gail, of the Cricut Message Board, is hosting a file swap. Each participant must design at least one character (not already on the cartridge) using the PDDU cartridge and send the cut file to Gail. She will share the cut files with everyone in the swap. So far there is an ADORABLE Hulk character. Someone else is making Strawberry Shortcake. How cute will that be? I am hoping to get time to create a second set of characters - Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy! But my first set is featured here: Barack and Michelle Obama! Frankly I think Michelle would have issue with her paper doll; Michelle is much prettier. Barack came out okay, though. And just like during the campaign season when they appeared together, his tie matches her dress! Did anyone else notice that? Someone at the McCain campaign must have noticed, near the end John's tie would match Cindy's suit/dress. I like the coordinated couples look - call me silly, but they just look so darn cute when they coordinate!


  1. I LOVE them! Thanks so much for joining my swap. Your work is always so fantastic! GailHeinecke

  2. Oh how CUTE!!!! Great use of the PDDU cart! I love it!

  3. WOW this is sooo cool!! Your work is so much fun!