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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wine Tasting Party Invitation

Updated photos:

Remember a couple of months ago when Jen C. of the Cricut Message board and Brain Things Blog ( used cricut design studio and designed a wine bottle card for someone on the message board? I had asked Jen to share her cut file with me because each fall dh & I host a wine tasting party - and what I mean by wine tasting party is - kind-of a southern, middle-class wine tasting featuring friends, a few bottles of assorted wine (and other non-alcoholic beverages), cheese & crackers, shrimp spead w/ french bread, a fruit platter, and a fire in the fire pit outside. We will NEVER be featured on FoodTV or HGTV, and I am NOT waiting by the phone for a call from Cooking Light's Dinner Clubs organizer!! I thought Jen's card might make a really nice invititation for our so-called wine tasting, and indeed it did!

Jen, THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing your hard work with me.

I have had questions about how I embossed the thin lines, and the medallion, so this what I sent to JoAnn from the MB:

I used embossing powders and ink/glue. My favorite find at the Charlotte Scrapbooking Convention this year was the powder keg. They taught me a lot more about embossing with their demos, plus they had amazing products. They are on line and this link will tack you to their powder selection page: .

I used a "Quickie Glue" pinpoint rolling glue pen (which I purchased from the powder keg) and drew my glue lines around the edge of my tag (purchased at Wal-Mart - 12 for $2). I sprinkled on the PIRATE GOLD embossing powder then dumped off the extra. I then drew around the inside edge of the tag with the glue pen and wrote “You're Invited...” and sprinkled with BURGUNDY embossing powder. Then I heat embossed the entire tag at once.

On the bottle, I used the same products as above. I drew in details on the top of the bottle and the line at the bottom, add the Pirate Gold powder. I then used a stamp I found among my stamps for the medallion. I used embossing ink, stamped and used pirate gold again. Then I took the glue pen and added the three side lines coming out from the medallion, and heat embossed the entire front of the card.

The first invitation took the longest. I did the rest in sets of threes (so the ink/glue did not dry out too much). Also, I went back and added ink highlights after I took the photos and the ink made a HUGE difference. I used charcoal ink (black will work) around the edges of the bottle and a bit heavier around the cap. I used a black pen and added some dot details to the gold medallion and it looked good too.

Note: on Jen's cut file... There is a lengthy delay from the time you click cut to the actual cutting begins, so just hang in there. Also - you could use her label - I almost did (I went so far as to copy and past all of the parts so that I would be cutting 6 labels at once), but in the end I liked the ovals better.

I hope this was helpful.


  1. Hi Susan, this is really cool, what a really fun way to invite some friends over!

    BTW, You're more than welcome to add me to your favorite blog list! I hope you don't mind me adding yours to mine?


    I'm sorry to see that this is your last week with BBTB (what you've done for each challenge has been amazing), you never know what could happen then next time Regina is looking for more designers...


  2. Hey Susan,
    I think I remember seeing this when you posted it on the cricut message board but didn't come to your blog to tell you how lovely it turned out!
    Thanks so much for sharing! It's GREAT!!