Friday, September 26, 2008

From Our Home to Yours!

Still enjoying myself over at Regina's Bitten by the Bug blog this month - this week's cut is the house from the Christmas Cheer cartridge. I actually started a card with this cut, then changed my mind. We have friends that I love so much, I thought this might be a nice opportunity to make something for them to hold their Christmas gift this year. Shhhhh - don't tell them! This is what their gift bag may look like.

After I submitted this photo to Bitten by the Bug, I realized that I would have made one change to this project. When I remake this bag front, I will NOT emboss the small (our) home, but rather I will emboss the tag that our home is adhered to. I think embossing the tag would make the house pop more. Let me know what you think would be best.....

1 comment:

  1. Susan, this is amazing! I absolutely love what you did with this past week's challenge. Amazing!
    Hugs, Nikki