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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vinyl in my scrap room!!!

I decided to play with Graphically Speaking this afternoon and made a couple of vinyl cuts to embellish my scrap room. The first is for an odd little angled corner wall, about 12 inches wide. The second is for my very first scrap organizer, the good ol' cropper hopper hanging file organizer. This organizer is so old that it "sways" when I roll it in & out, but it's like a first love and I just cannot kick it to the curb for a replacement.
I liked the butterfly cut so much I made another, with additional decorations to go on the back window of my minivan opposite my cricut logo. Other scrappers on the freeway on the way to the CKC Scrapbooking Convention will be able to recognize our group as sisters of scrap!

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