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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scrap Room Growth

Yesterday was the milestone moment where my daughter moved back to college for her junior year, and completely moved out of the house! She was moving into a house in Charleston, SC, and that left me with an empty bedroom. OR did it?

I looked at dh Thursday night and said, would you have any problem with me putting twin beds in the room formerly known as "Bethany's room"? He gave me a funny look and assured me that was fine. After a moment he told me that he was much more concerned with what I was going to do in the scrap/guest room. I laughed..... Smart man!

My smallest bedroom had a twin bed and my L shaped scrapbooking desk, and all of my assorted scrap stuff, very tightly organized. By moving the twin bed to the other room, and adding the matching bed that was stored in the house, I created a decent guest area.... and a great scrap space.

I used to have the computer and cricut on a desk in my bedroom because it wouldn't fit in the scrap room. Now I have my own little scrap haven!!! I am so excited.... I must get some work done soon.

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  1. Josh's room is now a walk-in closet and a soon to be completed master bath. Ron has already painted, tiled, installed the jacuzzi and the steam shower,. When he saw the gutted room, Josh said, "Um...I guess I'm not moving back in?" Of course, he had graduated from college by that time, and there is another spare room he stays in when he is here. That is the advantage of 2 people living in a house that used to have 6 or 7 people.

    I have temporarily made both the dining and living room a "scrap room." More like a scrap mess. I have been meaning to clean out the computer room, but have been way too lazy.