Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It was pointed out to me yesterday that I have been MIA on the blogspot. And of course, the observer was right! I have not been busy with the cricky for the last week or so, due to life. Don't you just hate that? When life gets in the way of your cricking and your fun? It happens to us all.

My older ds, who graduated from college in May, took a permanent job and moved to a rather nice town about 3.5 hours away. Not to be out done, dd is getting ready to return to college, moving into a house so that more furniture and such will be required this year. And finally, football started at the local high school and that has me running back and forth for two-a-day practices with my younger ds. It has been a busy couple of weeks.

I did have a friend over yesterday, my scrapping buddy Kathy. We shared cut files and did a bit of scrapping. I have a neighbor who is very into stamping so she dropped by for a while to check out the cricut and see what we were up to (and my honey, dh, did the mid morning football pick up so I did not have to run out!).

Next week is the CK scrapbook convention in Charlotte. Four of us from Aiken will be caravaning up on Thursday. We each have a Thursday night class, shopping Friday morning at the vendor faire, Friday afternoon classes, and Friday evening two of us will be teaching assistants. I will begin Saturday shopping until noonish, then I have two more classes before we head home. My friend Kathy and I have gone for the last three years, and barring any HUGE emergency, we would not miss the convention!!

And finally, I go back to work on the 18th. It was so nice having the summer off, getting lots of scrapping and reading done.... But now, once again, life will get in the way.... Big sigh.

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