Monday, July 21, 2008

Pretty N Pink

I have been working on a layout with nail polish mesh for the last three days. I have tweaked and tweaked the layout of the swirly spills, and also the shadow portions, and still I am not 100% happy.

Yesterday I did a first full cut and assembly of the entire file.... and hated it! It was really awful. The colors were horrid and did not seem to "mesh" & flow like I wanted. I ended up tossing the entire project. Thankfully today's cuts went far better. Though there are still edits to be make in the cut file so it will not be posted until I finish reworking.

But here is the preview of Pretty N Pink:


  1. Great swirls, have downloaded the file and hope I have the cart.
    Thanks for sharing
    Eileen Paul

  2. Your work is unbelievable. I am just starting with DS and these cut files are inspiring me beyond what I ever thought possible.