Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prepping for a SWARM!!

I have spent the evening preparing surprise party favors for my friend Beth's crop (swarm). I thought since we are all so cricut addicted that we should have matching cricut head logos for our vehicles. I enlarged Okie's big cricut head just a bit, and cut eight of them. I will need to double check with Beth in the morning regarding her exact numbers.

I found the lime and the white Wall Pops vinyl at Lowe's this afternoon. I was actually quite impressed with the selection of wall pops in stock, and I made a note to self: go back for more colors later!!

The photos below show six of the eight cricuts, as well as my van sporting a new cricut head!!


  1. Thank you for sharing all your .cut files!

  2. Thanks for the cut file. I tried making one tonight and I'm curious how you got everything to stick together. :) I'm still learning.

  3. Could you do a cricut logo for svg or scut file please. I don't think i can use a cut file? as i didn't get a george cartridge with my cricut machine.Great blog