Cricut Maker Machine

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cartridge Storage Solution!!

After whining on the mb last night, as well as griping in my blog, I decided to go pro-active and find a solution for my cricut catridge storage issues. First I searched the Internet.... Looking for ideas and perhaps solutions other bloggers might have listed/pictured. Alas, that was a non-productive fourty-five minutes.

Next I approached my creative dh for solutions, and though he gave it a good try, he could not come up with anything that would be more organized, but save space.

So finally I went "shopping" in my guest room closet. There are lots of treasures in there! And several desk top of storage pieces that I outgrew through the years of scapping. And there it was, second shelf from the top, back in the right corner! A 7.5 x 7.5 & 8 mini drawer unit, with a flip up top section.

I made interlocking book board dividers for the flip top section. I made labels with cardstock and brads, and labeled each space for each individual cartridge (I even have room left to grow!). The three bottom drawers are perfect for the overlays and the books. This entire unit takes up the space of 4 cricut boxes on my desk, netting me more space as well as tighter organization.

This is why we never, ever toss out our scrapping scraps... even scrap storage scraps!!


  1. I think I saw this exact same storage container at Dollar General tonight! How many cartridges will it hold? Thanks!


  2. I designed mine to hold 15 cartridges. This includes room for the books and overlays in the drawers. Any more than that and I bet the books would be VERY snug. Probably the cartridges too.

  3. Thats a great idea, but i love to see all of mine sitting on the shelves so i guess i will just leave them in there boxes.