Friday, July 11, 2008

Cards and boxes and bags... Oh My!

I have had such a fun day! I have been bonding with my expressions machine through trial and error (though not many!), trying new cuts, ideas, and patterns. I made several gift bags, boxes, and card styles (including Linda Davis' dress ups - which I LOVE).

It was odd, the most difficult part of transitioning from the cricut to the expression was the paper layout on the mat. I wanted to put the paper down 90 degrees off! Finally I realized I had to pay attention to the thick sides and thin sides of the green on the mat. Duhhh.

Also, I went cyber hunting for a bag that would hold the expression. I found several options on ebay, but also I found a hard side tool box at Home Depot which would hold the machine and cartridges, for about $20. I would even have room to add foam. Of course it is not nearly as fashionable as some of the cutesy bags on ebay.... I will have to decide: usefulness vs. stylishness. Oh the choices!!


  1. I went with the man bag at Home Depot. Carry my other stuff in a cuter bag. Too heavy to put it all togeter anyway.

    Love your designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Which bag did you get? Please post a pic since I'm looking for a bag for my big bug too.