Thank You Jody for the GREAT Cut File

Jody P of the Cricut Message Board shared her lovely cut files for Gift Card holders. Her designs were inspired by something she saw in the December issue Paper Crafts Magazine, though I believe she expanded the idea as there are three designs in her cut files. I used Basic Grey Wassail Christmas paper (for TOBY), ribbon, pearl embellishments, and glaze stickles to make two of Jody's ornament design.

Thanks again Jody!! My family members should love these!!!

BBTB Weekly Challenge - NA Presents

It is a busy time of year for everyone, but a fun time of year too. Over at Bitten by the Bug, Regina is keeping the design team busy with weekly challenges. This week's challenge was to use the Presents cut from the New Arrival cartridge. I decided to merge my busy season and my challenge entry together. I made a 9" x 7" tag for my son's very large package. The package is 4 ft x 2.5 ft, so it needs a big bow and a big tag. I also used a printable stamp which I purchased and downloaded from the Cuting Cafe (, and a 2" circle punch to pop out the to - from stamp. This gift tag is going to be perfect. I cannot wait for ds to open this gift... He is going to LOVE it!! And I do love making my children happy!!!

Speaking of being happy, please drop by the Bitten by the Bug blog ( ) and check out the projects and the contest that is currently underway. You could end up with some happy, happy prizes!!!

The next few days may be an especially busy time at each of our homes, so I would like to wish each reader a very Merry Christmas!

Rapping and Wrapping and Tags, OH MY!

Thanks Shirley at!! I used Shirley's tag cut file and made THE CUTEST package tags!!! Between Regina's Cutting Cafe and Shirley's tag cut file, I am all set with tags for our Christmas packages! Now I just need to finish wrapping..... (I usually make a rap music joke at this point [RAPPING vs wrapping], including rhythm sounds, at which point my son groans and rolls his eyes. It's so fun being nerdy enough to bug the household teenager)!!
Anyway, are not these the cutest tags that Shirley designed?? I think they are adorable.
Thanks Shirley.

Ta-da!! More Printable Stamps and Holiday Fun!!

Happy Saturday everyone! You know how I love Saturday: PJ's as long as I want, coffee and breakfast with my hubby (M-F our schedules are off by an hour), a movie or two with my guys, and lots of scrapping!

Today I had this big plan - bake Christmas cookies all day! Well instead THAT became tomorrow's big plan!!! That's right, I did not bake one cookie today. Yikes.

I did, however, take a few photos of my printable stamp projects. Remember the not-yet-photographed tags from yesterday? Yep, they're here. And, one of Regina's AWESOME printable stamps that I make into cards for my neighbors! Joy to the World. Who doesn't love that. I know I do.

I hope your Saturday was more productive than mine... though I bet I am more rested than you!!!

Fun with Printable Stamps

Recently, as I have broadened my stamping fun, I have purchased several sets of printable stamps. Two of my favorites are from THE CUTTING CAFE ( I used the Cafe's printable stamps and made some awesome package tags. I decided that it was silly to purchase package tags when I have a zillion scraps and the printable stamps. The tags turned out so cute! But where are the photos you ask? My faithful camera let me down. Well, technically, the batteries let me down. It died while photographing the following cards.

As many of you know from an earlier post, I made most of my Christmas cards this year. I will confess that we had a cute family photo and I did have two dozen photo cards made also. But back to my point. Having made so many cards to mail, this afternoon I decided I needed something fun and cute for the amazing women with whom I work. I used my Pink Petticoat printable stamps (which are similar to Bella rubber stamps, only larger - and made varying versions of these adorable cards.

Now, sadly, I must go and clean my scrap room.... What a mess!!!!

Bitten by the Bug Birthday Girl

Regina thought it might be nice to take a time out from all of the holiday hoopla so this weeks challenge was to use the BIRTHDAY GIRL cut from the Cricut Storybook cartridge. I used one of my Stamping Bella stamps along with the Birthday Girl cut to create a Happy 21st Birthday card. The other projects for the week can be viewed at You can check out the variety of Bella stamps (because Bella has A LOT going on) at

Tree Trimmin' Time.... O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree....

So here it is Tuesday night and I am FINALLY sharing my weekly project from the Bitten by the Bug blogspot ( We were challenged with using the Christmas Tree Box from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge. I was especially excited about this challenge as I had just purchased TBBM and had not yet played with the features.

For my tree box I used SEI paper embellished with the bow and snow flake cuts from Joys of the Season. I also embellished the red berry print on the paper with gemstone bling!

Christmas Comes but Once a Year..... Oh my gosh....

I am beginning to get SOOO excited about Christmas. I still have a LOT of decorating to do (unlike my friend PEGGY!), and some shopping to finish (don't you just *LOVE* the Internet???), but I am already getting so excited for the season. One of the reasons I am excited is my local Stampin' Up Demonstrator, Steph Gay, has been making my holiday season brighter by hosting Christmas card making workshops. I have made 48 hand made Christmas cards, and it isn't even December 1st!! How cool is that???? By the way, this seems like the appropriate place to state that I have NEVER done handmade cards before..... And yet with Steph directing my steps, it did not seem like such a huge undertaking!!! Thanks Steph. I truly am excited about my cards this year. I thought some of you might like a sneak peak of the various styles of cards I will be sending out this year (most were made in sets of 4s or 8s).

It's Time to BE Thankful!!

I love Thanksgiving week! Honestly, it has such significance for me. As a child, Thankgiving meant time off from school, lots and lots of preparations for a big family feast with my FAVORITE cousins (and the adult family members - ha), and the beginning of Advent - a time of preparation for Christmas.

As an adult Thanksgiving week has the added significance of being my wedding anniversary. My dh and I were married my senior year in college - we were married the weekend before Thanksgiving (so that I had time off for the honeymoon). This year, my anniversary was Sunday. It was nice for it NOT to fall on Wednesday or Thursday - dh, our younger son, and I had a nice, though busy, day.

Where is all of this going? When Regina challenged the BBtB design team to use the SYI turkey in a cut, I decided to have fun with him. I created placecards for Thanksgiving dinner! My table is going to look so nice with Mr. Turkey gracing each place setting - even if he did get a gun to defend himself!! Thanks Regina, this was a fun challenge!!
A close up of that cute little Turkey-guy:
The place setting look:

Promised Pages - FINALLY

Remember last week when I wrote of attending a swarm/crop? And remember those elusive pages I claimed to have scrapped? Yes, well, here they are... FINALLY. I finally photograhed them (when I photographed this week's BBTB challenge... check back tomorrow!!).

This first layout is of my new "Grand-pup", Magnus. My son got a baby Puggle (Pug+Beagle=Puggle) and is just enjoying him so much. I will get to meet the new grandpup when they come home this week for Thanksgiving!!

This is my daughter and her college house mates when they visited a pumpkin farm. I have not yet scrapped the carving of the pumpkin photos... those are FUNNY!!

This is my younger son passing out halloween candy to the Trick or Treaters. He is dressed as a comic book character, but apparently not being the coolest mom, I cannot remember who he is!!! Big sigh.... I worried about Ian & Barack scaring away the little kids, but apparently the lust for candy out weighed the fear of the tall guy!

These are some adorable photos of my son and his friend Kristen. I love their smiles.

Bethany was jealous that Ian had a photo shoot with "Barack" so she had to get in on the action while home on fall break.

So you see, I really did scrap a few pages at the swarm!!! I also made a few cards, etc.

Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend. I attended a swarm/crop with my local scrapping friends. I found most Saturday to be very frustrating. The highlights included making a 12x12 "Happy Thanksgiving" page to display on an easel outside my boss's office, and scrapping some pages in the evening. The majority of the day, however, was one long exercise in frustration. I was attemping to work on the BBTB challenge using a tree from SYI in a Christmas theme. After many, many hours of work, I really did not like my card. I debating skipping this challenge, and ultimately I wish I had skipped.

So back to Saturday - I did scrap several pages that I liked and I will post photos of those later this evening. Sunday was better only in that I had no challenge to create and could just scrap. I have a lot of photos to scrap.... We did take a group photo as we had entered the group on the Swarm drawing at It would be amazing if we actually win.....

I just realized how far behind I really am in my scrapping! I am trying to keep books for each of my children and a family book current. I decided to make my Christmas cards this year, though I am nearly done with all of those. And I also have four Christmas gift projects started. One of them is far, far behind - sorry Mom. One will be easy to finish. And the last two... well, they will require hours and hours of work. I really am going to have to dig into those two projects in order to have them under the tree from Santa-mom. I would go into more detail but a certain "girl child" of mine will occasionally check out my blog and I do not want to tip her off. But I do think she and her older brother will like these projects A LOT.

Well, I will try try to remember to add the photos later this evening.....

Mickey's Icon Car - BBTB's Weekly Challenge

The ever-creative Regina Easter challenged the BBTB design team this week with using the Mickey & Friends Icon Car in a Christmas design. I must admit, this was a bit of a challenge. I finally decided to run with the thought of Santa visiting the tree farm in pursuit of his own yule time green. I was able to use three different Christmas trees from different cartridges, as well as a cute, cute frame from SYI.

In the end, I liked santa's car and his tree! And doesn't he look relaxed? You'd never know his biggest night of the year will soon be upon him!!!

PDDU Character Swap - Barack & Michelle

Gail, of the Cricut Message Board, is hosting a file swap. Each participant must design at least one character (not already on the cartridge) using the PDDU cartridge and send the cut file to Gail. She will share the cut files with everyone in the swap. So far there is an ADORABLE Hulk character. Someone else is making Strawberry Shortcake. How cute will that be? I am hoping to get time to create a second set of characters - Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy! But my first set is featured here: Barack and Michelle Obama! Frankly I think Michelle would have issue with her paper doll; Michelle is much prettier. Barack came out okay, though. And just like during the campaign season when they appeared together, his tie matches her dress! Did anyone else notice that? Someone at the McCain campaign must have noticed, near the end John's tie would match Cindy's suit/dress. I like the coordinated couples look - call me silly, but they just look so darn cute when they coordinate!


Happy Saturday everyone! I love Saturdays: no getting up early for work, I finish my BBTB weekly challenge, and I scrap in PJ's as long as I want to!!! I apologize for taking so long to answer the inquires into last week's BBTB challenge project. No, I did not cut the green frame piece. It is part of a set of Photos Mats that coordinate with a set of 12x12 Christmas paper. They are made by Little Yellow Bicycle and the product name is Sharon Ann "Christmas Magic Collection". The photo mats are sold separately, but I am include photos of all of the products. I think I purchased these products at the TwoPeas website. I hope this is helpful.

Design Team Fun

This week I begin my journey as a design team member at Bitten by the Bug. I was a guest designer for the month of September and enjoyed the challenges SO MUCH; I hated for the month to end. I was very delighted when Regina asked if I would like to join the design team. My immediate answer was YES, yes, YES!!

This week's challenge involved using the scallope edged card from Christmas Cheer, as well as a font and doodle bat from the website of this week's challenge sponsor, Scrapnfonts. We had to use either DB Tis The Sesaon Modern doodlebat or the SNF Classy Charm font. This is what I came up with:

Woo-Hooo! Featured in the Chirp Newsletter

I was very excited to receive that special email today from Lonna Joy Smoot, editor of the Cricut Chirp Newsletter. My Hanging Halloween Basket is the Spotlight Featured Project in this week's Chirp (October 20, 2008 Vol. 126). Thanks so much Lonna Joy, I truly appreciate the honor!

Sharing Cut Files from the Title Cut Swap

Joann of the Cricut Message Board proposed a Design Studio Title Swap. I do not think she realized 1) just how many of us would come in from cyber-space and sign up for the swap; and 2) that we would each create several titles!! Joann ended up with 179 titles!!!! Wow, huh?

I created four titles for the swap, using a variety of cartridges. The titles became addictive. I am going to include screen shots of my cuts, and post the cut files on the blog under cut files.